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Innovation in Exercise Rehabilitation

personal_trainer_showing_a_client_how_to_exercise_the_right_way_and_educating_them_along_the_way-1024x618At TrackActive Pro we believe in evidence-based rehabilitation. For over 70% of exercises included in our database, we summarise, reference and provide links to research that have studied an exercise or a protocol of exercises.

However, we also believe in innovation in exercise rehabilitation. Innovation is at the core of progression in any industry or field of study. Innovation in healthcare will lead to improved patient outcomes, and therefore improved health. And with exercise methods increasingly being shown to improve outcomes across a broad range of chronic diseases and conditions, innovation is so important to continue this trend.

Healthcare Clinics and the Evolution of Technology


Healthcare and the influence that technology will have on its delivery and value is an exciting and ever-changing space. To look at a broad overview of the intersection of healthcare and technology we first need to examine the history of the healthcare and technology interface and define some key technology concepts.

4 reasons why your patients WILL do their exercises


Several months back we published a blog about why patients don’t do their exercises. With adherence to exercise being so important to achieving optimal outcomes we wanted to revisit this all-important topic. This time let’s look at the reasons why your patients WILL do their exercises.

5 Things To Consider When Changing Practice Management Software


Practice Management Software (PMS) is an increasingly common feature of the modern healthcare clinic, gym or training studio. Regardless of whether a clinic is moving from the traditional paper-based patient notes to a PMS, or changing the PMS they use; like any technology change these changes can come with some trepidation, flashbacks to Y2K and some good ol’ technophobic fear. So here’s 5 things to consider when moving to or changing PMS.

5 ways you can better use the data in your clinic and gym


Big data. These are some of the buzz words being used in the tech world currently and due to their association with the tech world, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a long way away from the running of your clinic or gym.

But already in clinics everywhere, there is data ‘floating around’ from the way you advertise and market your services, through the reception area to your clinical rooms and gym areas. Three questions then, (i) are you really capturing this data? (or at least as well as you could be capturing it); (ii) how are you capturing this data?; and (iii) are you doing anything meaningful with the data once you have it?

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