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Modernisation of the Physiotherapy Clinic


This week’s blog has a focus on the modernisation of physiotherapy clinics. However, the principles discussed here can be extrapolated to other Allied Health Professions and their clinics too.

The number of Physiotherapists graduating from universities is increasing. In the past 10-15 years alone, the number of universities offering Bachelor or Masters have increased. What this means is more and more graduates moving into the Physiotherapy profession and with a limited number of hospital positions available, and a general increase in Physiotherapists going into private practice for themselves or someone else, this results in an increasing number of physiotherapy clinics popping up ‘on every corner’.

Low back pain and exercise therapy – why the questionable evidence?


If you read a meta-analysis or systematic review on exercise therapy for low back pain you would be led to believe that prescribing exercises for your chronic low back pain patients will have only a small positive effect. However, as competent therapists would attest, it just simply isn’t true. Why is it that these reviews continually demonstrate that exercise therapy provides only limited benefit for low back pain sufferers? Here are the reasons…

Exercise prescription – guide by evidence or experience?


Recently there was an interesting twitter ‘battle’ between two well-known names in our industry. One was a researcher, the other a practitioner. It was an entertaining battle as to the worth of evidence vs experienced based practice.

It began when a twitter post from an organisation showed an isometric hip adduction exercise for rehabilitation of groin injuries. In summary the next few comments went something along the lines of…

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