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Save time creating and updating exercise programs with the super responsive and simple to use platform. Capture the efforts of your practitioners and maximise your team’s potential. As your practitioners create new exercises, your team will add depth to your own database of exercises. Share exercise knowledge and expertise, and provide a better service to your patients.

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Complement the comprehensive evidence-based exercise database by creating your own new exercises using images, secure video or YouTube links. You can archive exercises you rarely use and you can place your favourite exercises in your own folder for quick retrieval. You can even copy exercises in the TrackActive database and make them your own, by changing the names, descriptions or even images and videos.

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Create and send customised exercise programs to your patients via PDF, a secure mobile web login or to the TrackActive iPhone or Android patient app.  With clear instructional images, video and descriptions your patients will know exactly how to complete their exercises.

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Mobile App

Patient’s exercise programs will travel wherever they do. With the free TrackActive app and patients can view and log program completion with their smartphone. Patients can also request appointments with your clinic and view your details if they want to recommend you to their friends.

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Monitoring & Analytics

Patients are able to log program completion, session difficulty or even symptoms through their mobile phone. With the dashboard you can stay informed and get a snapshot of your patient’s progress in between or before consultations. Your patients will feel connected and supported.

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Save time by creating template exercise programs for common injuries and conditions. Share these templates with your team. Assign, edit and send them to your patients in less than one minute.



We are integrated with Cliniko private practice management software so patient details on their system will be displayed automatically on TrackActive. This is a great time saver. We are proud to have Cliniko as our first integration partner. Cliniko is loved by more than 10,000 healthcare practitioners.

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The security of your information is our top priority. We have gone to great measures to ensure the servers we use to store your health information keep your data secure and private. Access to the platform by practitioners and patients is protected by a username and password login.

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