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High quality exercises for all types of areas and injuries

With hundreds of evidence based exercises complete with videos, our community exercise database, and the ability to add your own, prescribing programs is quick and easy.

The comprehensive range of exercises with easy to follow instructions removes the need to draw stick-figure exercise instructions!

's avatar Rachel Poninghaus Occupational Health Physiotherapist
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Saves you time so you can spend more of it with patients

We know your time with patients is precious, that's why the TrackActive platform is designed to set up a patient, create a program and send it directly to them in under 3 minutes. Less admin so you can spend more time with your clients.

Our priority is staying engaged with our clients and exercise prescription being fast and effective. What's more it saves us time and our patients love it.

's avatar Justin Johnson Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist, PhyzX
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Walk your patient through their program

Optimised for PC, laptop or tablet, the simple layout allows you to walk your patient through the program you have set up for them, quickly and easily.

Our practice strives for efficient procedures that allow us to spend quality time with patients and provide them with holistic health programs.

's avatar Daniel Ryan Exercise Physiologist, Bodytrack
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Monitor and update patient programs in real time

Your patients can log program completion, record symptoms, and complete Patient Reported Outcome Measures to provide you with feedback on how they are tracking. Making adjustments to programs is quick and easy and updates automatically on the app.

This feedback not only allows you to to track the patients compliance and progress, but also lets you adapt the programme if they are having any problems.

's avatar Holly McRae Physiotherapist, Ergoworks

Mobile app

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Seamless connection where it matters


Easy and quick integration into your existing systems

TrackActive allows you to sync an existing Cliniko or Nookal system, meaning client details are imported directly into TrackActive.

Connected directly to your patient with the patient app

Your patients are able to download the Patient App on either Android or iOS where they can view their program, how-to videos, log their progress and make notes.

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