Five Successful Communities from Around the World


As we have launched and are expanding a new online community for TrackActive Pro users, we thought it timely to look at what makes for a successful online community and some real-world examples of this.

Online Communities have been building steadily in numbers and diversity over the past two decades. So what is their purpose and how do they form? As this blog outlines, successful communities require more than just a software package.
What Makes for a Successful Community?

    1. A Clear Purpose
    1. Socializing
    1. Engagement

Five successful online communities from different areas around the world:




TrackActive Pro Community

This brings us to TrackActive Pro’s new community feature. Whilst still in its infancy, the Community feature has been established for subscribers to share exercise content for practical and training purposes. This in turn grows TrackActive Pro’s community member base due to increased exercise content, meaning we can invest more back into the product to develop an even better platform for you and your patients and clients to use.

Remember, by being involved in the TrackActive Pro community, it brings a world of exercises into your clinic!

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