About Us

We are a digital health company providing highly innovative technology and evidence-based health information and advice for the medical, health, insurance and pharmaceuticals markets. Our mission is to improve outcomes in those patients with chronic disease or injury where professionally prescribed exercise and activity feature as part of their management.

Ian Prangley

Ian Prangley Co-Founder, COO & Health Director

Ian is a highly respected sports physiotherapist and physical performance coach, having worked within the Australian Institute of Sport program from 2006-2013, Tennis Australia as their National Physiotherapy Manager from 2010-2013, and as the Australian Davis Cup team physiotherapist from 2007-2013. Additionally he has been responsible for the strength and conditioning training of a number of high profile tennis players. Ian has also worked in hospitals and private practices between 2001-2005 and more recently in a busy clinic in London city. He has a Master of Sports Physiotherapy (LaTrobe University) and Master of Exercise Science (Edith Cowan University) degrees making him one of the most qualified exercise and rehabilitation professionals in the industry.

Michael Levens

Michael Levens Co-Founder & CEO

Michael is a versatile technology entrepreneur with 16 years experience covering senior management, functional and technical management roles for large corporates and startups. Michael has predominately focused on delivering digital transformation projects in financial and health services in the UK and internationally. This has been complimented by innovative entrepreneurial ventures and a diverse educational background with 1st class honours in Technology and postgraduate business qualifications from London Business School and University of Cambridge. Michael was also an ATP Tennis professional (2003-2006).


Cameron Barrie Chief Technology Officer

Matt Storey - Data Scientist

Matthew Storey Data Scientist

Leszek Andrukanis

Leszek Andrukanis Senior Developer

Jaroslaw Rodak

Jaroslaw RodakSenior Developer

Rob Wirszycz

Rob Wirszycz Strategy Adviser

Nick Martin

Nick Martin InsurTech Adviser

Dr Emma Beckman

Dr Emma Beckman Health Advisor


Tony Cassin-Scott Digital Strategy Advisor

Sabine VanderLinden

Sabine VanderLinden InsurTech Adviser

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