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Our customers include physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, sports physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and osteopaths.

We also work with institutions, including sporting organisations, universities, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.

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TrackActive allows me to customise my athlete patient’s injury rehabilitation programmes to cater for their injury, biomechanics & socioeconomic circumstances. Having the ability to provide a home or environment based exercise programme, ensures that our centre achieves positive treatment outcomes. The ability for athlete patients to login to a portal & provide feedback on their pain scores while completing the programme, allows us to make distance-based adjustments to specific exercises, thus ensuring compliance. TrackActive has become an integral part of my clinical management approach to sports injury rehabilitation.

Dr Ryan Kohler Sports Physician, HeadSmart Concussion & Sports Injuries Centre
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I had tried many exercise program platforms over the years and had never really been totally satisfied with any of them. Then I discovered TrackActive. Since using it, my patients have continued to be amazed at it’s user-friendly nature, and clear and concise delivery of exercises through videos, pictures and words. It gives your exercise prescription that ‘Wow Factor’ and puts you miles ahead of other clinics without it. It also solves the biggest two problems patients have with doing their home exercises 1. remembering to do them. and 2. remembering how to do them. I haven’t looked back, and am excited about what else TrackActive will do in the future.

Scott Murray Physiotherapist, Whole Health Physiotherapy & A Fine Balance Physiotherapy
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TrackActive has provided our students with a professional platform to engage with their exercise prescription and programming. The program has such great functionality that it allows the students to concentrate on developing their skills rather than wrestling with technology and formatting. Clients loved the programs and it made the semester much easier to manage than usual! Having both ready-made evidence-based exercises and an easy way to create additional exercises saved time, and most importantly decreased the stress levels of teaching staff and students.

Dr Emma Beckman Lecturer in Exercise Science, School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences, The University of Queensland
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I am a physio who started using TrackActive for prescription of exercises for all my clients recently. I am highly impressed with the capabilities of the program; very user friendly and efficient in creating quality and professional programs. I feel the accuracy and productivity of my clients compliance to their strength and conditioning programs has improved dramatically now I can deliver a concise method of exercise prescription.

Angela Hubbard APA Physiotherapist / Clinical Pilates, PhyzX
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Our practice strives for efficient procedures that allow us to spend quality time with patients and provide them with holistic health programs. TrackActive is an interactive exercise prescription tool which provides quick and effective exercise programs for our patients. We can now track our patients progress and provide real time feedback which is an amazing holistic tool to have.

Daniel Ryan Exercise Physiologist, Bodytrack
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POGO Physio have been users of TrackActive for over 3 years now. TrackActive is our exercise prescription of choice. It's easy to use, cost effective, and fosters improved clinical outcomes. The support desk is very responsive as required, and the addition of new features makes TrackActive an indispensable part of our practice offering. We perform regular telehealth sessions around Australia and worldwide and TrackActive's software makes telehealth exercise prescription possible.

Brad Beer Owner, POGO Physio
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As a clinician I find TrackActive is very easy to use with an extensive set of exercises with excellent descriptions. It also allows you to change the description of your exercises to fit your individual patients. It is also a very simple process of inserting an exercise into the program that isn't already there.

Kim Williams Physiotherapist, Construct Health
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Patients love the pictures and video links. The app is simple to use and gives patients the confidence they’re doing the exercises correctly. TrackActive allows patients to give feedback on their symptoms after completing their exercise programme. This feedback not only allows you to track the patients compliance and progress, but also lets you adapt the programme if they are having any problems.

Holly McRae Physiotherapist, Ergoworks
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TrackActive is the essential exercise prescription app for health professionals. Our priority is staying engaged with our clients and exercise prescription being fast and effective. What’s more it saves us time and our patients love it. TrackActive is fast, effective, customisable and professional. It enables us to elevate our service to the next level, without adding work to our schedule. The future of exercise prescription.

Justin Johnson Physiotherapist / Acc. Exercise Physiologist, PhyzX
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TrackActive is an invaluable tool for my business. The comprehensive range of exercises with easy to follow instructions and email capabilities enables me to guide my patients towards recovery – even remotely …and removes the need to draw stick-figure exercise instructions!

Rachel Poninghaus Occupational Health Physiotherapist and Registered Nurse, Remedy

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