Could TrackActive Pro be a revenue generator for clinics and their practitioners?


As health practitioners we are driven to be the best we can at our profession. A great day for many of us is seeing our patients improve. If our patients are satisfied and improving, then it feels good. TrackActive Pro is an assistive tool to help get the best outcomes from and for your patients.

However at the end of the day, there are bills to pay. TrackActive Pro comes at a small cost for clinics. For a single practitioner, this is less than the cost of a patient appointment per month. Beyond being an expense, is TrackActive Pro also a revenue generator? We believe it is.

The goal of a private clinic is to operate at maximum capacity – treatment beds filled, rehab gyms busy, practitioners with full case loads. This means acquisition of new patients and retention of existing patients.

When it come to maintaining the loyalty and retention of existing patients, that all comes down to service quality. TrackActive Pro provides the best possible service when delivering exercise programs to patients. You can choose between printing programs, sending PDFs, online login and the patient app depending on the preferences of your patients. Via the app, patients can access your clinic details and contact you directly to book appointments. With your details so easily accessible on an app, this aids retention.

When it comes to acquisition, we all know patients talk with their friends about who they see. TrackActive Pro adds value to you as a practitioner and to your clinic and it does provide you with a point of difference from the other clinics in the surrounding area. The monitoring capabilities and ability to provide external support, via messaging, provides a unique difference to clinics that aren’t using TrackActive Pro.

Can you charge more for consultations when using TrackActive Pro? Yes, particularly if you are replying to patient progress notes as this is an added service you are providing. It doesn’t take much time and is certainly appreciated by your patients so the small additional cost can be justified.

For some practitioners, providing that superb customer service that TrackActive Pro helps facilitate is enough to drive more revenue through better patient outcomes, better retention, and more referrals. For others, in addition to improved customer service, lies the opportunity for increased direct revenue.

Ultimately, the decision is entirely up to you. Do you think TrackActive Pro can be used in your clinic as a direct revenue generator? The team at TrackActive Pro would love to hear your thoughts.

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