TrackActive Pro in Elite Sport

IMG_3771TrackActive Pro is exercise prescription software for clinics and everyday patients. Due to the customisable nature of TrackActive Pro it is also being used within elite sport to deliver performance and rehabilitation programs to athletes.

Customise for your athletes

With the ability to add your own exercises in images and video, users don’t need to be limited by the existing exercise database. Those working with elite athletes can record exercises that are specific to their sport, and develop bespoke programs to send to their athletes. For example, videoing and uploading warm-up routines and sport specific agility exercises is easily done, and can then be sent straight to the app on the athlete’s phone. Any changes to programs are automatically updated on the app.

Keep the team connected

The whole team can be added to one TrackActive Pro account in order to stay up to date with athlete programs. So if you have multiple coaches, S&C coaches or physiotherapists working with a team, they can all view the current programs of athletes.

Elite Athletes using TrackActive Pro

In sports such as Tennis, where athletes often spend periods of time away from physical trainers and physiotherapists due to extensive travel, this can prove very handy. Their program is always on their phone, and S&C coaches or physiotherapists can ensure they always have the most up to date program. TrackActive Pro is currently used by Kyle Edmund, the British no.3 tennis player and world no. 68, who has just competed in the Wimbledon tournament this year.

More recently we are pleased to have the Queensland Academy of Sport as one of our customers, with TrackActive Pro being used by their physiotherapists and athletes. Furthermore, we have many customers who are clinic-based sports physiotherapists and exercise physiologists who work with both amateur and professional athletes.


If you are an S&C coach or health professional who works with athletes, TrackActive Pro is customisable software to help you deliver and track athlete training and rehabilitation programs.

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