6 key features of your successful practice in 2025


Remaining competitive is at the forefront of any business owner’s mind. This requires insight into what your practice should look like in the future and responding to this. A commissioned research report by the Australian Physiotherapy Association in 2013 takes a lot of the guess work out of this, and if you are a practice owner, or an aspiring one, it is a highly recommended read. We’ve summarised some key points from this document below to describe what your practice should look like in 2025.

1. Your practice provides a broader range of services

With the current trend towards an ageing population, there will be a greater shift in focus to the prevention and management of chronic disease. Practices that are equipped to deal with the multiple problems these patients present with are better placed in the future. This suggests that larger multi-practice clinics that offer multiple services as well as wellness and preventative medicine could thrive in 2025. Smaller practices may therefore need to differentiate by providing specialised services. Furthermore there is a suggestion that they will need to leverage innovative technology to ‘level the playing field’.

2. Your practice utilises technology

From marketing to practice management to consumer services, technology will be a key factor in the practice of 2025. The document also highlights that more frequent use of remote service provision (‘telehealth’) will also be a feature. We discuss how technology can assist further on.

3. Your practice will be consumer focused

The number one critical success factor put forward by private practices is a strong relationship with patients. Consumers will expect an even higher quality service in the future, particularly as they have greater access to online information. Therefore keep focusing on how you can improve the service to your patients.

4. You will have greater capabilities in business management

With a more competitive market expected in the future, your practice will need to be even more commercially orientated and have the ability to create strategic partnerships. For smaller businesses this may be ensuring you have a strong network of referrers.

5. Your practice will need to cater for changing working arrangements

A changing workforce with Gen-Y practitioners that demand more flexible hours will mean that working arrangements will need to be more complex. They will also expect consideration of their career paths. The practice of 2025 will provide these elements in order to retain loyal and experienced staff.

6. Your practice will be connected with universities

Research proving effectiveness underpins the viability of a profession. The practice of 2025 should aspire to be connected with universities by being actively involved in the development of young physiotherapists and becoming involved in research.

As a technology company with a product for health professionals, we were very interested in how technology will contribute to the success of practices in 2025.

Firstly, the right technological innovations can help provide a better service to patients. This improves the relationship your practice has with patients – a critical factor to success.

Secondly, the right technology can improve operational efficiency. With time being a commodity, can technology make our lives as practitioners easier and more productive?

Thirdly, there is scope for technology to allow practitioners to provide additional services to consumers. As highlighted in the document, ‘remote reviews’ may be used to complement face-to-face consultations. This could be particularly relevant in remote locations.

Technology will therefore play a key role in the future of healthcare. While we have summarised many key points from InPractice 2025 we highly recommend reading the full document which you can find by clicking on the link below. With this information, you can position yourself to be competitive in 2025.

Australian Physiotherapy Association (2013): InPractice 2025: Final Report.

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