4 reasons why your patients WILL do their exercises


Several months back we published a blog about why patients don’t do their exercises. With adherence to exercise being so important to achieving optimal outcomes we wanted to revisit this all-important topic. This time let’s look at the reasons why your patients WILL do their exercises.

5 Things To Consider When Changing Practice Management Software


Practice Management Software (PMS) is an increasingly common feature of the modern healthcare clinic, gym or training studio. Regardless of whether a clinic is moving from the traditional paper-based patient notes to a PMS, or changing the PMS they use; like any technology change these changes can come with some trepidation, flashbacks to Y2K and some good ol’ technophobic fear. So here’s 5 things to consider when moving to or changing PMS.

The best exercise for infraspinatus


It is well accepted that the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder are important in the prevention and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries. Among other mechanisms, these muscles may help to centre the humeral head in the glenoid and prevent superior migration during arm elevation. Furthermore, appropriate and progressive loading of the rotator cuff is a necessary stimulus for improving the health of pathological tendons.

Progressing to the single leg squat … and beyond



As humans we walk and run to get from A to B. We don’t jump like frogs or kangaroos.

If we were training and rehabbing frogs and kangaroos then double leg squats would probably be the exercise of choice.

However, we are bidpeds that walk and run. This involves a unilateral stance phase, where all load is taken through just one leg. When it comes to athletes, they almost always jump or change direction with the majority of their load on one leg. Think of a high jumper, a long jumper or a rugby player cutting back inside his opponent.

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